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  1. Let’s get down to business here. Assuming you would start him this week at least, 1. What % of FAB $ would you throw down? 2. What % chance he carves out a lasting role? Consider wear on the 2 lead dogs here, as well as the nature of their injuries.
  2. Dear Friends, Abandon hope. That way if anything ever good happens you'll be pleasantly surprised. And even then, leave hope at the door so you're not crushed again. Yours, A battered dynasty owner
  3. I’m beginning to think he has Gore-like longevity in addition to the other worldly size, speed, and overall talent. I mean…he never seems to lose anything…!
  4. Did Lockett miss the plane? Quit the team? Move downtown? Start a band? Attempting a grunge revival?
  5. Death threats incoming for #52 Warranted ones
  6. STAYoff Lenny is getting nowhere near the respect he deserves even now WITH the production, let alone during draft season. He's been rock solid. I saw one play maybe in week 1 or 2 where he saw a blitz coming and deviated from what he was going to do--a fake I believe--all so he could chip the blitzing backer or safety and save Brady from taking a shot. If that's not love potion for Brady AND Arians I don't know what is. And THAT'S why he's allowed to tip passes that go for INTs and Ronald Jones is NOT.
  7. I could easily see the Clapper making him watch every episode of the Andy Griffith show before he’s allowed to come back. Its over
  8. Show Saquon a video of this please
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