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  2. If you watch the highlights that I posted, he doesn't look that slow. Maybe it's the magic of higlights - anyone can look good in highlights. Trent Richardson looks really good in his.
  3. Patterson or JD in a standard scoring league (non-ppr)?
  4. Every time I make a switch the guy I pickup tanks and the guy I dropped does ok. I might grab Sanders again. I also might just keep McManus. A guy in my league has 3 kickers on his roster.
  5. One more season for BroLo, and he started off with 2 triples, 1 stl and 3 blks. Are we in for another solid year?
  6. Was eyeing Sanders to pair w/Tua but I noticed Folk is available. Should be a nice matchup vs the Jets. Hmmmmm
  7. He's getting ranked as a top 10 RB this week, can he smash the Jets?
  8. Hi I am 4-2 in my ten team PPR and looking at trying to acquire one more running back as I have Chubb injured and not sure how long this is going to be. Looking at trading with another Manager who I think has Four Decent backs to trade for. Which of his 4 backs would you target as a #4 for my team and who would you give up off my team for him? My roster is as follows QB- Hurts, Tannehill WR- AJ Brown, Moore, Jefferson, Mooney, Toney RB- Taylor, Kamara, Chubb, Mattison, Felton TE- Waller His Roster is as follows QB- Prescott and Carr WR- Metcalf, M. Brown, Samuel, D. Smith, Higgins, Waddle RB- A. Jones, D. Harris, Jacobs, Henderson Jr TE- Fant, Gronkowski Any help would be appreciated!
  9. Hey fellas Booker owner here, and I was thinking about offering Booker to the Saquan owner for Jamaal Williams. I'm a Swift owner, so we'd be kinda securing our handcuffs. thoughts?
  10. I’m still deciding between Khalil Herbert against the Bucs or the Seattle RBs. I am obviously a very lucky man to have such wonderful options.
  11. HI everybody, I'm a Toney Toni Tone owner, and I can't and won't let go. I've told myself that if they amputated both legs I'd have to drop, but part of me knows, I still wouldn't. Thanks
  12. I wouldn't mind getting a WR1. If I do this trade I'm definitely losing this week but I'm 5-1. Qb- Allen, Ryan Rb- Harris, Dam. Williams, Dar. Williams, Jav. Williams, Montgomery (IR) Wr- Godwin, Waddle, Pittman, Higgins, Hilton Te- Kelce Obviously I have a lot of WR2/3 types and Darrel will only be useful for a few weeks. Eventually I'll get Monty back
  13. Yeah seems foolish. I use my bench for injured players or young guys looking to break out. It’s well established that Robinson and Hardman are the embodiment of the term JAG.
  14. I grabbed Folk for this week, should get some points vs the Jets.
  15. VERY worried. This is like when Winston was the top Fantasy QB, but terrible in real life and they handed things over to Fitzmagic. I'm not benching Hurts until they do, but seems like it is inevitable.
  16. For some of us, your "or" needs to be replaced to "and". That's even IF I can grab Johnson off waivers.
  17. Playing the matchups this year. Went with McPherson last week, gave me a solid 11. Picked Folk this week.
  18. I believe Harris took himself out for that play due to injury. I may be remembering that incorrectly.
  19. I haven’t had a kicker score more than 7 points all season. With that being said…. young hoe time 👨🏻‍🎨
  20. anyone worried about the viability of this guy? I think if he has a poor performance this week, they may bring in the Minch.
  21. ur so internet cool and insightful. def could work for fantasypros you’d fit right in
  22. on the Raiders with Carr at QB? NOPE 4-5 targets per game, hoping for 1 BOOM play for a TD.
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